Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Learning Online Helps

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Many people still consider traditional universities as the best way to
achieve knowledge and get a diploma or degree certificate, but it's
not. Online learning is different and also the best for 21st century
students , it has so many benefit , you can't compare it with crowded
lectures' hall full of noisy students some are arguing , sometimes you
can't even get what the teacher is saying especially in underdeveloped
countries because most of the time over crowded lectures suck.
Underdeveloped countries. Joining online school is not easy only few
people able to do it ,those who have self-dispiline . According to the
Babson Survey Research Group  7.1 million students are studying at
least one course online , studying online has its benefit ;

Free time: When you are an online university student , you have free
time to study, no stress , no much walking from home to school you
only need Internet access, take one hour class and finish it , you
cant wait for lecturer to come while studying online.

Save money: It help you to save money , if you are going to
traditional university you always spent money for transportation
,buying lunch sometimes even breakfast and no accommodation.

Crowded lectures: when you sit in front of your computer , your class
start, you wear your headphone listening to the audio or watching
videos , do you think you will hear noise from somewhere else ? Like
when you are in traditional university sitting in class noise from
everywhere full of pandemonium.

Its effective and understandable : You will learn alone , with great
audio and clear videos , you can listen while reading , or watching
videos with some understandable examples either in pictures or in
animation. It depend on the school you are learning from.

Easy to ask questions: many students are afraid and shy to ask
questions in traditional school , its quite different from online
school you will ask many numerals questions as you want and soon you
will get replay from your instructors or facilitator.

Reading skills : It improve your reading skills , and connect you with
many other students from all over the world with you can learn new
things from each individual.

No limits : You can study whatever you want there is no limitation you
can enrol many courses from different school ,if you are among people
who are studying different courses from different school at different
time you have to set a plan time table for yourself if you want things
to go successfully.

In addition you need to behave well and adopt self disciplines,
without self discipline you can't control yourself and set a good time
for your studies and you will earn up.learning nothing from your

Written by Author Saeed Muhammed Lawan 
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