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Most of the time in this era almost every individual need to focus on
one specific field of study , teachers always said " find your field
of interest and study it at university " . What force me to think like
that is , a friend of mine's father want him to study medicine and
become a doctor while he want to become a journalist, but his father
rejected his idea and forced him to apply for medicine, so he left his
dream job , and at that time I think why can't he become a doctor and
journalist at the same time? The answer is ; we relied on our teachers
not on books, and our teachers are specialized in one field. When we
look back to Islamic golden age people at that time are specialized in
many field. Aristotle a well known philosopher and he was referred to
as, the father of biology has specialized in many field such as ;
Biology , Zoology , Physics , Metaphysics Logic, Ethics, Rhetoric,
Music, Poetry, Theatre, Politics and Government.
Its hard to find someone who study and master up to 5 fields. Why?
Because we valued certificate more than the knowledge.
Jabir ibn hayyan the father of early chemistry , he was specialized in
many field not only chemistry his main field are; Alchemy and
Chemistry , Astronomy , Astrology ,Medicine and Pharmacy, Philosophy ,
Physics, engineering and philanthropist.
Wow! These people are amazing.
 And all these people are successful ,their names are still writing on
thousands of books and millions of articles and essays , they made
contribution to the world of science. But the questions that remained
on my mind is why don't we want to be like them? to study different
field like them, and be successful ?
The answer to this questions are:
 We are not studying deeply.
We are not reading every book.
We are not listening to every individual. And
We were influence to study one field.
Most students relies on lectures note they didn't believed in studying
deeply conducting research about what they had already know , compare
it to the new knowledge , when a student start researching will be
smatter than his colleagues who relied on  lectures note.

Reading Books

In this era most of the students are studying just to get the
certificate not the knowledge , if you are studying to get the
knowledge not certificate you have to visit library regularly don't
just read or cram what your teacher has taught you, read essays and
articles visit many educational websites and blog study at home not
only at school you shall study at anywhere, attend important lectures
with include practicals and so on .
Read many books with include your field of interest for example if
your parents resist that you must study a medicine and you want to
study literature don't give up go to medicine faculty attend lectures
after that, go to library read books about medicine and literature
borrow literature's text book use it at home practices makes perfect!


Students don't want to listen to expert they mostly listen to music
and watching movies , useless things will destroy your life and

As a students of knowledge, who want to study hard, and become expert
in many fields. You have to listen to every expert in different field,
listen to the successful people know what they do, what procedure do
they follow before they become successful, read ,listen and watch from
Are we influence by our community or family?
The answer to this questions is we are influence by family and
community . Nowadays people believed  in what they see at home , what
they see in their community they don't go far , they don't think
critically they believed that they can't do it because no one in their
family ever do it, or try . They believed that no one in their
community study different subjects the guru in their area focus only
on one subject , so its not possible for them this is not true, no is
born with knowledge we learn everything in the world don't let your
society influence you negatively.
Finally whatever  you want to become in future don't let someone to
influence you negatively , don't let your dream job and follow someone
else's idea be yourself.
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