Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The benefits of not being tied to school

Nowadays education cannot be conduct well without technology. The
teaching strategies based on educational technology can be described
as ethical practices that facilitate the students’ learning and boost
their capacity, productivity, and performance. Education is the
process of teaching someone at home school or anywhere it's easy to
say it in word, and its easier to teach someone without seeing him/her
, through education technology has made life easier and everything
about education is easily affordable. Among the benefit of technology
in education are;

Easy to access course material

Instructors, teachers or lecturers can post the course material or
important information about a particular course on a websites, or by
e-mail. Which means students can study at a time and location they
prefer and can obtain the study material very quickly.

Student motivation

Computer base instruction can give instant feedback to students, and
explain correct answers through search engine. Moreover , computer is
patient never get tired of processing and its non judgmental with can
give the student motivation to continue learning.

Learning More in less time

Students usually learn less in normal classes but with computer
students learn more in less time when taking online classes or reading
something from Internet.

Wide participation

Learning material can be used for long distance learning and are
accessible to a wider audience , almost with technology all over the
world you can attend webinars and online classes at the same time.
Improve students writing.
Its convenient for students to edit their writing works on words
processing , students edit their assignments , projects works and many

Subjects are easier to learn

Computer made every professional courses or difficult subjects easier
to learn, many educational software are designed and developed to help
children . For example; students can watch a YouTube videos about that
subjects , views graphics and animation videos with that students will
quickly grab and understand things.

It avoid social media addiction

Students are addicted to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, twitter and
other websites from a very early age. The internet can distract them
from the learning process, but you can also use their inclination to
spend time online for a good purpose: Making learning enjoyable. Use
touch-screen technology and online presentations to make the classes
more interactive. You can also rely on technology when you want your
students to take part in discussions. Set up a private Facebook group
for your class and inspire constructive conversations.

In addition , it seems the world will suffers much when there is no
technology , learning will be difficult , traveling and accessing
learning materials are not easily affordable. Computer is changing the
world .

Written by Author Saeed Muhamme Lawan
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