Sunday, April 23, 2017

Computers Vs Humans

Computers have high computation power,  they make calculations at
speed of  thousand times more than the human brain. They have the
ability to do multiple computations at simultaneously. Computers have
high rates of data analysis and processing they can edit and store
much data in memory .

With all these issues it seems nothing is more intelligent than a
computer . there are so many argument between students to students and
in between experts, that human being or computer with one is more
intelligent? To answer this questions scholars and expert has discuss
about it .

Maybe the only significant difference between a really smart
simulation and a human being was the noise they made when you punched
them. (Terry Pratchett).

every piece of software you use ranging from your web browser to the
operating system itself was coded line by line by a programmer,
Jakub Marian.

A friend of mine ask me a questions " what if a computer become
smatter than human being? " he asked .
I replied with, " computer will never be smatter than human being
because computer are always program by smatter people. "
Humans have knowledge of their existence and sense of self. Although
humans compute at low speeds than computers, they are better decision
makers. Computers make decisions by evaluating the presented
expressions and deriving from that a new expression.
Human being have sense, and human can learn new things each day and
became self educated without been control by anyone or being program
to do something . while computer was programmed by an expert and
whatever you read , watch ,and listen it has come from the brain of
human , he/she think , make research and then finally program
everything .

Can Human being  create something more intelligent than him ?
 I was asked at school during computer class I replied with,"who is
the the most intelligent and knowledgeable person in the world " the
answer is no one everyone has his ability and capability of learning
you can't make something beyond your intelligent , you can't create
something beyond your knowledge, learning has no limits .

Computers can access, process and store more information than humans,
but that does not make them more intelligent. Intelligence requires
goals, values and decision making based on observations, beliefs and
so on and so forth . not just algorithms which have been created by
humans and human cannot create something beyond his experience.

A bank with so many cameras and computers which will detect someone
who is guilty, or someone who hold a weapons with all this , human use
his experience to rob the bank in a way that computer  computer cannot
detect him.

 computer is not more intelligent  than a human, it’s much faster
operationally and can solve problems at a quicker rate , they can
store much more information, recall and process it , many times faster
than any human.But unfortunately they are created and programme by
someone who use his intelligent and knowledge to create a machine that
will help someone to do multiple some task easier.

In addition ,  a large part of human intelligence has to do with
creativity, imagination and analogical thinking - of which I’ve yet to
read computers being at all capable of.  I don’t feel computers will
ever truly be “intelligent”. Fast, efficient processors of
information, sure, but not intelligent.

Finally Computers will never be as smart as humans because they can
only do what a programmer “teaches” them to do, and the programmer
cannot teach them more than a subset of what he himself knows.

Written by Author Saeed Muhammed LAWAN

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Psychological noise

Psychological noise is a certain attitude that make communication
difficult between the speaker and the listener for example great anger
or sadness may cause someone to lose focus on the present moment. The
following story talk the effect of psychological noise and it give a
very good example about it .
Read the following story about Mrs. Amina and Mr. Sameer.

After preparing the dining table Mrs. Amina forgot to bring tea flask
and soup, she rushed to her room parking her books , she came out to
the parlour as quickly as she can .
"What nonsense is this" Mr.sameer said loudly, "you are rushing to go
to school and attend lectures but u can't even sit down cook and
prepare everything well for your husband" he added.
What do you want me to do for you ?  Mrs Amina ask angrily as she
continue talking, "I have a  quiz I didn't even read at all. Sameer
temper is high he immediately slapped her  without hesitation, ohhhhh
you slapped me ? Mrs. Amina asked, yes! I did, " you can take action
if you can" sameer said as he took his cap and brief case to go out .
He left her standing alone her hand on her face shedding tears . "Ohhh
I'll be late for lectures" she though in her mind she went out too .
Some minutes later .
Dr. Umar their course lecturer has already entered the class .
"Excuse me Sir " Mrs. Amina asked permit to enter .
Dr. Umar ignored her , he continue explaining his current topic.
Amina moved a little bit back outside and lend on the wall recalling
what had happened between she and her husband.
"Amina you can come in"  Dr. Umar request , Amina he called again, but
no response she went deeply thinking about the hot slap that sameer
gave her as a breakfast .
Amina! Dr. Umar called her for the third time loudly .
Yes sir I'm sorry she horrifidly answer.

What are you thinking about you can come in Dr. Umar request?

Mrs. Amina went in walking slowly directly to the last sit , she sat
beside her intimate friend Latifa, her two hands on her cheeks . The
class was quite only the masculine voice of Dr. Umar is raising as he
keep explaining about momentum.
Amina! Amina!! Amina Latifa whispers but Amina went deeply thinking .
After some minutes
Time up! Dr. Umar said as he take his palm top he walk out from the class.
Latifa Amina's best friend poked her friend's head with her finger ,
she immediately come back to her mind .
"Present in class absent minded" Said Latifa, "when did Dr. Umar
went?"  Amina ask .
I don't know , what happened to you ? Strange mood, it seem you are
suffering from psychological noise Latifa request.
"I'll explain everything to you later , let's go out for break" Said
Amina manage to smile for her friend.
They quietly went out.
From the above story as you read , it showed a  quarrel between Amina
and sameer , this quarrel lead her to psychological noise , lack of
concentration . After she came to class she totally didn't concentrate
on her lesson present in class absent minded.
Effect of Psychological noise

  • 1- Lack of concentration
  • 2- It will affects you psychologically
  • 3- It will cause lack of speaking abilities , interacting , writing ,
  • convincing and persuading.
  • 4- Unreasonable murmuring alone , some people who are suffering from
  • psychological noise you will see them murmuring to themselves alone.
  • 5- Lack of concentration in class and other activities

Ways to prevent psychological noise

  • 1-Be patient , soft and always keep calm , this will help you a lot ,
  • if both of them have the habit of being patient their will be no
  • argument.
  • 2- Always speak gently, as you read in the story he shout at her and
  • she shout  too, imaging if she is patient and soft if she speak in a
  • good manner nothing bad will happen .
  • 3- Don't rush and always have time management. Mrs Amina in the above
  • story has rushed to cook that lead her to forgot soup and so on . Time
  • management is very important as a house wife at the same time a
  • student , she have to wake up early and prepare everything at the
  • right time.
  • 4- share house chores together , let say Mr. Sameer and Mrs Amina
  • share their house works together if he help her to prepare dining
  • table things will be beautiful.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Air Pollution , Protect Yourself

In my previous article "water pollution kill us!" I wrote all about water pollution ,its effect and solution, in this article we  will look at another very serious issue ;air pollution.

We have always wandered  in the town passing through cities or in  villages going to school and so many places but do you ever think about the oxygen that we are inhaling ,are you inhaling the good one or bad one ? Well
as you continue reading this article will know more about air
When trucks and cars in the cities are releasing smoke , or when you are cooking with fire woods , ıt always release smoke and that smoke contain carbon monoxide ,When carbon monoxide is released from the exhaust fumes of cars and trucks , and release in tothe atmosphere when a person inhale it as oxygen , it causes ;

1- Headache 
2- Dizziness

People who live in rural areas used to take coals and fire wood to their room in cold weather in order to feel warm .. Coal fires drawn oxygen from the surrounding air and release CO , this will lead them to inhale much carbon monoxide which will cause ;

Asphyxiation and death


Factories and power station burn gas , coal and oil to produce heat which is converted in to energy. Pollutants like sulphur dioxide ,smoke , ashes and soot are released in to the air when human inhale it
it will cause ;
Eyes irritation , chest and lungs problems , Asthma, and eventually cancer.

Furthermore when all these  release from factories as the air warm and dries the particles, the particles will fall in to the ground on plants , when it fall on plant it causes the dead of plants . :(


  • Factories should not release lead in to the atmosphere .
  • Using special filters in factories will reduce smoke emissions .
  • The use of fossil fuel must be reduce .
  • Using other source of energy like Wind and water.
  • Strike policies to prevent the release of toxic gases.
  • Electrical motor cars should be developed.
  • Educating the community.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Water Pollution Kills Us!

  In many parts of the world ,especially in African countries like
Nigeria are facing so many challenges including pollution. Pollution
has dominated the major part of Nigeria where people are dumping waste
,dust and other illegal material in to water, in this article I'll
explain the major causes of pollution in Nigeria and its solution
human being are the ones who causes the pollution because they are the
one who always show the habit of no caring ! .We can easily understand
  the affect of water pollution by looking at countries like this .As we have known 
there are more deads just becasue of dirty water and people are always sick !
  Water is  important resource that all living organisms need it to
survive , human being are part of the organisms that they used water
for various activities and at the end they polluted what they need to
survive why? Polluted water poisons both plan and animals and it
causes chronic disease.
Pollution is much more dangerous to any kind of water such as; Ocean,
Lake, River, stream, Dams , and standing water .

1- untreated sewage.
2- industrial wastes.
3- oil spill.
4 And the uses of pesticides.

When untreated sewage is dump in to river , stream or dams it causes
chronic disease and in undeveloped countries people swim , Cook , Bath
and take this polluted water which will definitely causes ;
Typhoid , Dysentery , and Cholera .
  Harmful bacteria flourish in untreated sewage causes the death of
all the water organisms, when people and animals take in that water it
will became dangerous to their health.
Also when toxic wastes are dump they are non-biodegradable which
causes cancer and damage internal organs.
  Thousands of factories and power stations in Nigeria are sometimes
pump hot water in to rivers and streams this increase temperature and
due to the temperature changes all the water's plant and fishes will
Nigerian economy was 90% depend on crudes oil , from petroleum
factories they distribute petroleum , Kerosene , and Gas to the whole
part of the country and abroad . During transportation of oil or
petroleum sometimes they leak oil from tanks , most of the time the
transportation include water and land transportation they sink and
leak in water  while passing through bridges and this causes;
The death of killer whales.
Water animals will not be able to obtain enough oxygen.
Bird ingest the oil and die.
All these lead to the birth of abnormal children.
In some farms , farmers used artificial fertilizer in their farms and
when water wash all these fertilizer it take it to the nearest river.
1- Educated the community.
2- Nothing is useless we can recycle everything.
3- Provide containers for dumping waste and government must take
action about recycling .
4- Enforce large fines for illegal dumping.
5- Enforce strick laws to factories.
6- Oil tankers must be checked .

Friday, March 3, 2017

What is Industrial Engineering

      Hi there , the aim of the category of  industrial is to share new improvements of technology and to learn from those sharings together , not only to be able to see how technology improves but also improve ourselves along with technology .Personally , i have been studying industrial and systems engineering which i am proud of .There are many explanations of industry which are academical .For sure , i believe it is good to learn these academical explanations , but as Einstein said ; 

Industrial Engineering Definition
 Industrial Engineers plan, design, implement and manage integrated production and service delivery systems that assure performance, reliability, maintainability, schedule adherence and cost control

Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design , improvement , installation of systems of people , material information , equipment and energy .An industrial engineer needs mathematical ,physical and social sciences together with the knowledge to analyze the distance ( whether the factory grows or vice versa )with graphics , tables and then show it on  reports , he is able to maintain the improvement and if he sees a way to failing , he does all his best to go back to growing the factory .

Personally , what i believe is that an industrial engineer must be knowing how to encourage people .Most of the time Industrial Engineers are not the people who do the work directly , but the people who scales them  , so we must have a belief of always growing the company which will not be done by only one thing .Workers must be working well enough , boss must be nice to workers and satisfy them , the company must be taking every risk , and getting every opportunities to  improve , such as getting the best technological machines to work efficiently ..Well , there are many things to be said about that and that is why along the way i will always be sharing what ' the very big ' companies did along the way and what they do right now.

Yes , It is true that Industrial Engineering is not known as much as some others

U.S. Engineering Jobs from 2003 BLS % of Eng. Jobs % Growth (2012) 
• Electrical 19.8% 3-9%
                           • Civil and Environmental 18.6% 3 -9% 
    • Mechanical 14.5% 3-9% 
  • Industrial 13.1% 10-20
• All Others <5.0%

• Engineering Fundamentals – CEE, CSE, EE, ME, MSE 
• Communications – oral and written
 • Mathematical Modeling
 • Statistical Analysis 
• Human Interface
 • Teamwork

It is so important to be able to use applications .We can basically say that ;graphics , statistical Analysis , Mathematical Modeling are like brain of Industrial Engineering 

Industrial Engineering Topics 
• Operations Research
 • Production/Manufacturing Control and Management 
• Statistical/Numerical Analysis 
• Human Systems
 • Design
Operations Research Topics 
• Optimization
 • Systems Engineering 
• Decision Theory
 • Simulation 
• Markov Chains and Queuing Theory

Industrial Engineering has contained many topics from all other engineering departments .To be an awesome Industrial Engineer ,we must be able to understand the basic idea of others engineerings .Mostly ,Industrial Engineering has contained from Mechanical and Computer Engineering and is like business department  .Industrial Engineering is to me , looking at other engineering departments from a social side.

If we wonder , How much do Industrial Engineers earns , the answer is same as it may be given to other departments's salary question.The more you improve yourself , the more chances you have to get a well paid, respected , a high degree job .

When i had just started University , our lecturer gave us a project which i was supposed to search a company's improvements from a perspective of Industrial Engineer , so i want to share it with you and have your ideas on it  ...I hope to see you soon and have your ideas on Industrial Engineering .How is Industrial Engineering seemed in your country ?Personally , in my country , in Turkey , it is not a well known  job which makes Industrial Engineers have a responsibility to introduce it to people .I am looking forward to hear from you :) 
Till next time , take care of yourself !

This is my project on Intel  ( The Power Point One
My project on Intel ( On Word and the Wide One

Last Words : The truth is that , an Industrial Engineer needs to know about others deparments's topics .I believe that is same for others , so if you are not an Industrial Engineer , will not be or have no interest to be ; When you start to see what Industrial Engineers learn , you will see many things in common and realize the benefits it brings to you , so there is no shame in learning but in not learning .