Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The benefits of not being tied to school

Nowadays education cannot be conduct well without technology. The
teaching strategies based on educational technology can be described
as ethical practices that facilitate the students’ learning and boost
their capacity, productivity, and performance. Education is the
process of teaching someone at home school or anywhere it's easy to
say it in word, and its easier to teach someone without seeing him/her
, through education technology has made life easier and everything
about education is easily affordable. Among the benefit of technology
in education are;

Easy to access course material

Instructors, teachers or lecturers can post the course material or
important information about a particular course on a websites, or by
e-mail. Which means students can study at a time and location they
prefer and can obtain the study material very quickly.

Student motivation

Computer base instruction can give instant feedback to students, and
explain correct answers through search engine. Moreover , computer is
patient never get tired of processing and its non judgmental with can
give the student motivation to continue learning.

Learning More in less time

Students usually learn less in normal classes but with computer
students learn more in less time when taking online classes or reading
something from Internet.

Wide participation

Learning material can be used for long distance learning and are
accessible to a wider audience , almost with technology all over the
world you can attend webinars and online classes at the same time.
Improve students writing.
Its convenient for students to edit their writing works on words
processing , students edit their assignments , projects works and many

Subjects are easier to learn

Computer made every professional courses or difficult subjects easier
to learn, many educational software are designed and developed to help
children . For example; students can watch a YouTube videos about that
subjects , views graphics and animation videos with that students will
quickly grab and understand things.

It avoid social media addiction

Students are addicted to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, twitter and
other websites from a very early age. The internet can distract them
from the learning process, but you can also use their inclination to
spend time online for a good purpose: Making learning enjoyable. Use
touch-screen technology and online presentations to make the classes
more interactive. You can also rely on technology when you want your
students to take part in discussions. Set up a private Facebook group
for your class and inspire constructive conversations.

In addition , it seems the world will suffers much when there is no
technology , learning will be difficult , traveling and accessing
learning materials are not easily affordable. Computer is changing the
world .

Written by Author Saeed Muhamme Lawan


Most of the time in this era almost every individual need to focus on
one specific field of study , teachers always said " find your field
of interest and study it at university " . What force me to think like
that is , a friend of mine's father want him to study medicine and
become a doctor while he want to become a journalist, but his father
rejected his idea and forced him to apply for medicine, so he left his
dream job , and at that time I think why can't he become a doctor and
journalist at the same time? The answer is ; we relied on our teachers
not on books, and our teachers are specialized in one field. When we
look back to Islamic golden age people at that time are specialized in
many field. Aristotle a well known philosopher and he was referred to
as, the father of biology has specialized in many field such as ;
Biology , Zoology , Physics , Metaphysics Logic, Ethics, Rhetoric,
Music, Poetry, Theatre, Politics and Government.
Its hard to find someone who study and master up to 5 fields. Why?
Because we valued certificate more than the knowledge.
Jabir ibn hayyan the father of early chemistry , he was specialized in
many field not only chemistry his main field are; Alchemy and
Chemistry , Astronomy , Astrology ,Medicine and Pharmacy, Philosophy ,
Physics, engineering and philanthropist.
Wow! These people are amazing.
 And all these people are successful ,their names are still writing on
thousands of books and millions of articles and essays , they made
contribution to the world of science. But the questions that remained
on my mind is why don't we want to be like them? to study different
field like them, and be successful ?
The answer to this questions are:
 We are not studying deeply.
We are not reading every book.
We are not listening to every individual. And
We were influence to study one field.
Most students relies on lectures note they didn't believed in studying
deeply conducting research about what they had already know , compare
it to the new knowledge , when a student start researching will be
smatter than his colleagues who relied on  lectures note.

Reading Books

In this era most of the students are studying just to get the
certificate not the knowledge , if you are studying to get the
knowledge not certificate you have to visit library regularly don't
just read or cram what your teacher has taught you, read essays and
articles visit many educational websites and blog study at home not
only at school you shall study at anywhere, attend important lectures
with include practicals and so on .
Read many books with include your field of interest for example if
your parents resist that you must study a medicine and you want to
study literature don't give up go to medicine faculty attend lectures
after that, go to library read books about medicine and literature
borrow literature's text book use it at home practices makes perfect!


Students don't want to listen to expert they mostly listen to music
and watching movies , useless things will destroy your life and

As a students of knowledge, who want to study hard, and become expert
in many fields. You have to listen to every expert in different field,
listen to the successful people know what they do, what procedure do
they follow before they become successful, read ,listen and watch from
Are we influence by our community or family?
The answer to this questions is we are influence by family and
community . Nowadays people believed  in what they see at home , what
they see in their community they don't go far , they don't think
critically they believed that they can't do it because no one in their
family ever do it, or try . They believed that no one in their
community study different subjects the guru in their area focus only
on one subject , so its not possible for them this is not true, no is
born with knowledge we learn everything in the world don't let your
society influence you negatively.
Finally whatever  you want to become in future don't let someone to
influence you negatively , don't let your dream job and follow someone
else's idea be yourself.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Learning Online Helps

Learning Online Helps
e-learning-resource-splash.jpg (1024×512)

Many people still consider traditional universities as the best way to
achieve knowledge and get a diploma or degree certificate, but it's
not. Online learning is different and also the best for 21st century
students , it has so many benefit , you can't compare it with crowded
lectures' hall full of noisy students some are arguing , sometimes you
can't even get what the teacher is saying especially in underdeveloped
countries because most of the time over crowded lectures suck.
Underdeveloped countries. Joining online school is not easy only few
people able to do it ,those who have self-dispiline . According to the
Babson Survey Research Group  7.1 million students are studying at
least one course online , studying online has its benefit ;

Free time: When you are an online university student , you have free
time to study, no stress , no much walking from home to school you
only need Internet access, take one hour class and finish it , you
cant wait for lecturer to come while studying online.

Save money: It help you to save money , if you are going to
traditional university you always spent money for transportation
,buying lunch sometimes even breakfast and no accommodation.

Crowded lectures: when you sit in front of your computer , your class
start, you wear your headphone listening to the audio or watching
videos , do you think you will hear noise from somewhere else ? Like
when you are in traditional university sitting in class noise from
everywhere full of pandemonium.

Its effective and understandable : You will learn alone , with great
audio and clear videos , you can listen while reading , or watching
videos with some understandable examples either in pictures or in
animation. It depend on the school you are learning from.

Easy to ask questions: many students are afraid and shy to ask
questions in traditional school , its quite different from online
school you will ask many numerals questions as you want and soon you
will get replay from your instructors or facilitator.

Reading skills : It improve your reading skills , and connect you with
many other students from all over the world with you can learn new
things from each individual.

No limits : You can study whatever you want there is no limitation you
can enrol many courses from different school ,if you are among people
who are studying different courses from different school at different
time you have to set a plan time table for yourself if you want things
to go successfully.

In addition you need to behave well and adopt self disciplines,
without self discipline you can't control yourself and set a good time
for your studies and you will earn up.learning nothing from your

Written by Author Saeed Muhammed Lawan 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Writer's and reader's world

For over centuries, new technology has changed the world of writers
and readers , before the technological era writers were using animal
skin to write, quill pen,ink, and manual typewriter to type. After
they wrote they were not as much able as we are to  revise it and edit it easily, 
proofread it well because it was too hard and burden to proofread the entire book .

Today , of course , when you think of technology ; computers
and smart phone usually come to mind; printers , scanners , the
Internet , email and instance messaging the world wide web digital
, videos cameras and thousands of software programs .

From the beginning of writing

Now most of the writers begin their writing not with a pen and a
paper, they started to write their writings on computer using various software programs
, "writing in paper is no more interesting" some said, while others
still enjoy holding a pen and paper to write.

Microsoft Word made writing easy 

A computer word processing software offer invaluable help at various
stage of writing process allow you to easily delete, add, revise, and
move documents also obtain various copies of your document.
Centuries ago writers were writing,  reviseing and editing after changing
so many pages while in modern era it  is so different, you can write and
publish a whole book without wasting one paper .

  The middle of your writing

While writing a novel , short story , essay , an article or whatever 
 you will make various spelling errors , as this occur to almost
everyone in writing process . Word processing tools help you with
 (1)Spell-check programs and (2) Thesaurus program .

Spell-check program

It shows you the words that don't match the software programs, it plays
a vital role in writing and  prevent  from misspellings errors in writing.

Thesaurus program

It helps you to find the synonym of words , this helps a lot when you
want to use the synonym of a word but you don't have idea about the
synonym of that particular words .


During publication , modern technology can help you to print out the 
copy of  what you have written,  design your cover and sell it. It also
help you to sell your books online on www.amazon.com .

Reader's World 

Readers always find modern technology as a way of life , a reader can
read , buy and save various documents on his/her on computer or smart
phone . You can read using online libraries such as www.archive.org or
visiting blogs to read articles like on blogs such as getproknowledge.blogspot.com
, visiting government and non governmental organization's websites.

Search using modern technology

With modern technology,  we can find any topic that we are interested in 
about research , just google it and you will get plenty of people
 wrote about that subject, many essays , many writings

As a mean of communication

Now its easy to meet new people because of the rapid growth of
technology , you can chat using , WhatsApp , Twitter , Facebook, and
so many many social media application.

This article is written by Author Saeed Muhammed Lawan

Sunday, March 26, 2017

5 The Most Beneficial Ted Talks Ever

People who want learn more and spend their time benefiting from videos and at the same time have fun watch Ted - Talks .People even stopped watching tvs which is an great improvement .As Ted talk give people an opportunity to tell people what they feel about , more people involve in translating Ted talks so that more and more people can benefit from them .

There are really some Ted talks that are life changing and i think you should give a look at them , i bet you will love them ...

1) Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?
 | Jon Jandai

  I am so serious this Ted talk video has changed my perspective of looking at life .It really give a quick understanding of how life really works in a materialistic World.He talks about his life and his journey in life .I do not want to cut off your joy , just go ahead and enjoy watching ..
Because he inspired me a lot i have written an article on Life is Easy But We Make It Difficult  , you can read it just by clicking on the title

2) Why We DO What We Do | Tony Robbins

  This ted talk is from famous entrepreneurship Tony Robbins .He talks about why we are doing what we do ..This video is good to learn to realize that we have a purpose of doing anything.

3) The Puzzle of Motivation  by Dan Pink
   Here he looks at motivation from a different point that most of us struggle to see ...

4) Do Schools Kill Creativity  by Ken Robinson

  He talks about school system that affect our all life ..Let 's see to learn  whether school kills creativity or not

5) How Great Leaders Inspire Action
 by Simon Sinek

 A very important topic on actions ...He explains everything on a clever way .

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to be a straight A student

Do you want to be good in class and successful person after class?
Follow these steps by steps and learn to be among the best student in
class . These are;

Speak Up in Class

Raise your hand, even when you’re not sure about the answer. Avoid
editing what you want to say in your head, and try not to worry about
being wrong. Speaking up is not about having the perfect answer. It
gives you the experience of thinking on your feet, debating with
others, and wrestling with an idea – all crucial skills that you’ll
use in every area of your life.
Challenge Yourself
When we worry about failure or criticism, we’re more likely to seek
out experiences we know we can control. But playing it safe means
you’ll never have the exhilaration of overcoming an obstacle and
proving to yourself (and others) that you’re brave enough to try. Push
yourself beyond your comfort zone. Take up a sport you’ve never
played. Enroll in a class that no one would expect you to take. Learn
how to code. Or take a small risk, like introducing yourself to
someone you don’t know.

Ask for Help

The most successful people don’t make it on their own. Instead, they
find advisors along the way: experienced, wiser people who know a lot
and help them. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers, coaches, or other
adults you admire to talk with you about what you’re passionate about.
Ask them what they wish they’d known when they were your age. Who
knows, one day they may even help make your dreams a reality!

Trust Your Inner Voice

We all have a voice playing inside our heads. It might say little
things like “I wish the bell would ring” or big things like “I wish my
friend would stop asking me about my grades.” That voice is your gut.
It’s telling you what you genuinely think, need and want. It’s easy to
stop listening to that voice when you’re worried about what people
might think. Stay connected to it as much as you can. It’s your inner
compass. If you can’t share that voice now, keep a journal where you
can – and keep looking for the people who want to hear it.

Raise your hand
Never feel shy to say or raise your hand in class this will help you
to learn a lot and you will be conscious of what teachers are saying.

Ask questions

Asking question will make u fully understand the subject and some
teachers believed when students didn't ask questions they didn't
understand , there must be question if you understand the topic.

Be friendly

Be friend will brilliant students who are serious not the doll one I
mean un serious students there don't be friend with un serious because
you too you will join them when your friends are hard working you willbe a hard working person.

Keep silent
For me I chose to keep silent for most of the time , this will help yo
refresh your brain always and you will always be positive.

Be positive

Always be positive in class don't act like a doll , be calm , be
patient , be soft , pay much attention this will help  u  to be among
the serious students