Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Changing For A Better Life


   Hi there , life has always been changing and some people are lucky who are those who change themselves to be better .If you do not have challenged anything in life and everything was easy , this is in fact a bad thing.While some of us become sad that we cannot be disciplined there are those this is easy for them .Do not ever be sad because you have an habit you do not like .Once someone happened to say where there is problem there is opportunity .

 I am embarrased to tell a bad story here but i really want to .There was a girl who was among many relatives and the people who loved to spend time watching tv , playing games and so on ...Days passed , months passed , years became decade and is about to become two decades but she just spent time on useless things .Even though she was taught english in school for 12 years she only knew no more than 20 words but then when it came to the first year of university she needed to learn English , so she started .Some thought it is because of teacher that she learned English language so well but they were wrong .She actually discovered the power of learning on own .19.8 years after she was born , she can say that she can live now .Do you know why ? because she does what she loves .She wants to scream on the top of mountain ' I love to spend time with what i love' ..Did you watch that Steve Jobs had said we should have passion .Yes that passion happened to appear in her heart .She searched a lot and then she loved programming but still just continued searching ..After one year she had come to a point that it is enough search and waiting .She should start learning .

 You may think that this story is not a sad story but it seems a storty of an unsuccessful person .It is up to you to see it as a sad story or not.But it is not an story of unsuccessful person because life is continuing and everyone make mistakes.There are people who spend their whole life in vain .This girl does not want to be one of them .This girl wants success anymore .She knows she cannot earn the years back but she can make her moments perfect .

Today this girl started to learn programming .I beleive it  need to be appreciated .Well , it is actually me i live in this way i love to make moments perfect and better . It does not matter how i spent my life in the past , like only playing games , being with family and friends.I just want to learn from past and look at the moment  As long as i breathe i dont give up