Thursday, March 2, 2017

Learning Turkish

 Climb a mountain , go to market , visit your friends ,party... Everything starts with that small step and then steps come together and makes it a big thing . Please , dont forget , if you are here , that means this is the first step and more , you are reading this right now ..Give applause to yourself! Yes, every language learning journey starts with alphabet but before that ı want you to watch the video below

What do you think about that ? You even started to learn about the history of Turkey ,plus you heard them talking Turkish and ı hope you enjoyed . From today it will be very good to spend one hour listening.
I am going to share sentences and words so that you start understanding the idea of this language
                     Hello , I am learning Turkish                      Merhaba,Ben Türkçe öğreniyorum 
                 Hello : Merhaba     I: Ben      Turkish : Türkçe       am learning: öğreniyorum  

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