Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tips for Turkish Learners

I know how it feels going to courses and colleges but still not being able to communicate .I had Englşsh classes for 12 years at primary school, high school and finally at university but ı did not really know much and despite of time that ı spent there , oh it all seemed to be in vain . I try not to be negative but we should not lie to ourselves, ı know 9 people of 10 did not learn any language nor did have interest.So what should we do ?
First of all , ı want to tell you what ı did ; one whole year ı watched many videos in English and ı tried not to watch films because there are series and films that doesnt have much speech in them .Secondly , there were many days that ı read 5 hours books loudly in English and ı listened many stories from Youtube which were free and ı was able to hear and see so ı could figurea out how words were read by them.I finished all grammar subjects in a very short time and did not really care much about it because as long as ı read and see how people make sentences ı woulf figure out the grammar if ı needed and really we dont need much information about  grammar but ı believe we should look at grammar for a short time and it should never be long time otherwise we get bored and leave anything. Do you wonder why ı am talking my experience on English ? because the way of learning never changes , at least that s what ı have seen .I am going to tell you what exactly to do , just follow me .
No matter how long , you should always spend time to listen in Turkish .
Never worry , learning language is like puzzle , once you figure out how the language works you will be so happy to see that you can make sentences by yourself.
Start reading by simple sentences 
search the common words in Turkish and your language it will help a lot 
Start watching enjoyable things , if you dont like ,never force yourself ( ı recommend cartoons)
Make friends online and chat with them , make sure they use the language properly 
Search about something you like in that language , let's say you love sport , how nice , search sport magazines and blogs online you will want to understand what thye write and then you will search about what they wrote and find youtube channels about your interest and listen to them 
You can listen music in Turkish
try to read words down and look at them daily and then write one sentence everyday 
last but not least ,Have Fun while learning 

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  1. That s awesome , i ll be glad to learn Turkish . I want to maek Turkish friends so if someone is interested in let me know in comment please