Monday, February 20, 2017

Morning Motivation

morning routine

  It is always for clever people to start a day with pozitive attitude.Well, all of us have brain , so let's start our own morning quotes routine .Don't forget to read these in every morning .You can copy them to your phone or notebook which may be beside your bed.

  1.        Life is beautiful and i am lucky enough to have another day .Every new day is another chance to reach my dreams .I promise i won't spend time on vain , instead will have fun and work towards my goals 
  2. The past cannot be changed so i am working on my present and learning from my past .I am going to make my future perfect.
  3. Everyone has a different life , so i just need to make use of what i have and i must focus on my life .I am grateful for what i have.

  4. I will not be overthinking because it just leads to sadness .I will take action!
  5. Kindness is free , i should be pozitive minded and behave people well .I may even help someone with kindness.
  6. I take action and i grow it so anything that happens depends on me .
  7. A life full of happiness is a well lived 
  8. I will never lie to myself and live my life as i want not as others want .
  9. I believe in myself and i am the right person to make my day great .I respect and love myself before i love others .
  10. I am sure this day is going to be awesome 

How To Be The Most Positive Person In the World

 how to be pozitive

many people find themselves daydreaming or experiencing negative thoughts throughout the day. In fact ” Each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day! That’s one thought per second in every waking hour! Amazingly, 95 percent are the same thoughts repeated every day.On average, 80 percent of those habitual thoughts are negative.Unfortunately, our brains are hardwired to pay more attention to negative experiences than to positive ones.


carefully observe your thoughts before it unfolds in words through you.
Make sure it's coming in the positive way you want.
Believe now onwards you're thinking in positive way, because  some are  always negative, what we are trying to do is  being happy as maximum as possible in positive way.
Smile is a curve which can straighten everything.Wear a cheerful smile throughout the day, people can either be happy or negative at one time.
Take a decision, whatever comes in life , accept it as it's and
shape it as you want. Life is given to all the human beings, few of them celebrate it and many keep complaining about it . Don't be among those who always complain .
Be grateful of what you have , its yours there are so many people who don't have all these things that you possess.
Try being happy, cheerful, dynamic, energetic. These are the states where you can be only positive.
When you notice that negative thoughts or images are starting to enter your mind, stop thinking and try to find something that always make you happy or something that will keep you busy .
As now you are busy reading my article.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Change starts with you

change starts with you

To change someone or something from negative to positive is not so
easy , but putting in our heart that we need to change world from
negative to positive is a positive thinking . we are in this world for
a purpose and we have our own personal goals, the purpose of being in this world  depends on your religion perspective  , and your own goals is what you want to do personally either good or a bad . doing so many things is a not a change doing good things is what we called change .

*How to know a positive change and negative change*
Positive changes are the changes that  human being brought that will make people life peacefully , easily and happily in a knowledgeable way .

While negative changes cause harm to people and their environment .

Do we need to go to school before we change the world from negative to positive ? The answer is NO we don't need to go to school but we need knowledge , the things you learned at home or somewhere else . In some areas schooling is the best Way to bring technological and creative changes  

How to change the world and people?
 It is easy , first and foremost change yourself .
If you want world to live in peace so you need to live in peace, don't fight anyone.think positive.
If you want to earn illiteracy in the world you need to change
yourself by seeking knowledge from anywhere.
If you want to earn poverty so don't be greedy , always give what belong to you to the needy and leave what doesn't belongs to you .
Whatever you want to bring into the world ,you need to start from yourself.

Changing is so much important to you and everyone. Without people who changed this world before you were born ,you would not be able to connect internet , have comfort , read this article ,make calls and so on...

Is changing the world hard or easy ?

Changing the world is so easy if you believe in yourself.

Things to consider before you change the world
1 - Believe in yourself.
2 - put in your heart that you are strong enough to do it.
3 - Do not put road blocks in your mind.
4 - Think before you say/write.
5 - Be positive and productive.
And finally be honest and sincere.


Change yourself for a better life , Don't ever expect others to change because you cannot know whether they really want to change or not .No matter what , better things start with change and start that change by changing the habits and life sytle that you don't like

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It is hard to change

getting more done, accomplishing more

Are you Struggling about being  productive?

 Can't you just be disciplined as other people ?

I know how hard it is .You just want to give up , end your life , stop talking to people and the worst thing 'you lie to yourself'.To the most important person on this Earth , the person who can change the World, but why don't you ? 

First of all, we should not lie to ourselves that this work is hard! That's why we want to accomplish this. Because it is something not everyone can reach and get done.

secondly ; Habits .Oh bro, oh dear sister  tell me how long you rested and how long you worked in your life .The secret of being an expert is not done by being clever .It is done by spend much more time on the thing you want to accomplish.We are just our habits .We are what we do .So it is not that easy to change a habit overnight.Please do not evern think of living up .Work and be sure you ll get it as you want one day and you won't even want that day to finish .Dont worry as long as you live on other days , wouw how awesome it is to live as you love .

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Life Changing Story

It is 5 am .I have to get up because ı promised to pick my friend up from the airport .Normally ı would never wake up that early but promise is promise .I was on my way to airport then suddenly ı got a call from my friend .He said the flight is delayed  so he will arrive after 2 hours .Oh man , ı was having beautiful dreams .It this was for myself ı would have never done that .Why did ı promise ? Wouldnt ı let it go? Oh,i did not want to let my friend down , ı wanted to help him .I got to the Istanbul Sabihe Gökçen Airport .I was trying to kill time there .While i was waiting my friend, i saw a very old layd .She wanted me to help him.Oh helping again ? This helpin issue made me far from sleep .I would be a boss in my dream but now just waiting.While i was thinking of these the old layd called me  'young boy, could you help me to carry my bags ?'. I went over to help her  and then suddenly realized that she was blind .I was so angry with myself because ı made her call me twice , instead of going there immediately, i hesitated about helping .I carried her bags by trolley .She asked 'Handsome son ,would you help read my ticket and tell me what time it is ' ı replied 'yes,sure'. I realized that she was going to The UK and she had 1 hour left to wait , so we sat down .She had bagel and donut in her bag , she shared them with me and ı accepted .I was wondering why she called me handsome because she was not able to see .I asked to the old layd 'ı am sorry to ask , why did you call me handsome ? are you able to see '.She replied ' when ı was small baby ı was able to see.I called you handsome because my father alwasy told me that good hearted people have shiny face.You helped me so you are beautiful hearted '.I just sat in silence for a moment .She continued to talk;I want to imagine everything as beautiful .Even though ı don't see , feeling this makes me happy.' and then ı asked her, how would she go to the UK alone.She told me that she wants to smell her children's smell .I said , 'isnt this hard for you to go her ? maybe they can come and see you' .She replied ;I am going there because ı want to , ı dont know have many days  ı have left , if ı wait for them to come it maybe be left so ı wanted to take action immediately .This is life young son , if you wait for things to happen , you never have a guarantee that they will happen .If you dont take any action , no one will do it for you because they dont want as much as you want .' Then it was time for her to leave , i told her how much happy ı was to help her .Today  ı learnt a great lesson from this .I must never leave my work to other days.I realize because ı promised ı was able to wake up but what about me ? do ı not care of my feelings ?Oh now i realize that i alwasy kept complaining about the things that were not problem instead of focusing on what ı want! Now , it is time to promise myself that i will live my life as ı want!

This Story is written by Tuğba Denizci, you have permission to  copy but not to change it .

Everlasting Life

     Probably , every human being would love to live an everlasting life .Life which is eternal.There are some people believe that we die and then come back to life again .Some people believe we die and we will be questioned by creator for every single thinn we did in life and according to this we will be said to go into paradise or hellfire.Some people believe there is not going to be questioning time after dying , life is like a game you play and then you die , that is it .So there are different belief for this issue .I am not going to be talking about which is the right thing because ı believe ı must focus on now and surely ı have a belief .I choose one of them but what about the moment ? The time we have in the world!.No matter if we come back to life again or not , the obvious thing is that we die .Dying means we stop breathing , soul leaves the body and the heart neither other organs work.İmage, life was everlasting or even let's say you have a 200 years long life. From a negative side , you would have to pay bills for all of these years .Because you know you have time you would leave anything to other days and leaves tasks uncomplete .You would have loved more than one person instead of giving your whole life to just one person .You would go to school more and because at that time everyone lives more there will be lots of traffic and the world is going to crowded.Food is not going to be enough and there will be big wars and instead of playing games and having fun you would find yourself in the middle of war .From a positive side you would travel more , eat more , live more and you would  see different  technology devices .
Negatives sides are more than positive sides and negative ones seem to be much more true(  at least to me ).
So, life we have is limited , that s why we should do our best to make use of our life as much as we can .
     İmagine your doctor called you and said
                You just have 2 days left to live   
what would you do ? you would call your parents and live that some more time with your loved ones , , you would call people who you hurt and apologize to them .You would try to tell that girl you love her so much , and so on .Basically; you would have wished to live your life fully.The title of this blog also come from here .İf we all have limited lives and we know we are going to die then why not using every single minute of time doing things that we love to do .How amazing would it be if we were to do that .It is not that we live long but we live our lives fully.So, life we have is limited , that s why we should do our best to make use of our life as much as we can .
Live a life that you want and love 

Let me Imagine!

Imagining is something that everyone is capable of doing .There has alwasy been a quote 'never stop dreaming '.Every person has this ability to imagine things but imagining changes from person to person .There are some people who lives to spend most of their times by only imagining but Why is that ?
Because we imagine things that we love to see.We imagine marrying that artist , being able to go back to years ago , being a hero , being the most beautiful girl in world ,being a boss of our dream job and so on .
For everyone the level of imagining changes , for a scientist it would be to fıgure out a reaction that is happening around us , for a homeless person it would be having a warm home and family.
İmagining is beautiful but when it becomes too much and we cant spend time without imagining , we become a day dreamer which is a kind of disease.Some people imagine and takes advantage of it .They think of future and inventions which is an amazing thing .
I love this picture.I just wonder something .Is this image which is on the wall going to make him happy for a long time ?After thinking ı can give two answers to this question.Yes and No but how come ?
Yes ,this image can make him happy for a long time , even until he dies because there are some people who are grateful for whatever they have ,this is something incredibly beautiful.These are the people who are mostly happy and appreciate what they have .When they buy a pair of shose for a cheap price , they dont even dare to wear it immediately.They sleep with shoes for some time and spend time looking at them and then they are ready to wear it.These small things make them happy .So imagining can make you happy but you should be grateful for what you have .
No because this person is going to look at people who have more than him .He will always want more and never be satisfied with what he has .On the other hand , he will stay by just comparing himself with other people .He will not take action.
Yes, everyone imagines ,some imagine and then take action .These are the people who become successful in this world but day dreaming and not taking action always makes us sad and kills us from inside.

İmagining is beautiful if we take action at the end of it !

May your days become as they are in your imagination